Zacharahia & Courtney | A Windswept Beach Engagement

This winter beach shoot was everything. It was chilly and cozy and dreamy and charming and playful and everything you could possibly want in a couples photos hoot. I’ll be honest, in the summer, I am NOT normally a beach girl ( hi, i’m very pale and I burn. k thnx bai). SO, when I brought up the idea of going to the beach on a VERY chilly January afternoon, and Zack & Courtney were down, I was Pumped and off to Wilmington we went.

ALSO um hullo they’re models and its actually dumb how good looking and cute they are together.

I’ve known Zack for about two years now and to see him so unbelievably happy and in love with Courtney brings so much joy to my life. She’s a sweet baby angel, they are undeniably perfect for each other, and I can’t wait to keep taking their photos throughout their adventures.